John de Haas
is a professional who is working in the entertainment business for over 20 years.
He started out as a professional musician and sound engineer.
After several years he found out that he was more attracted to images than to sound.
It took him until 2004, due to an acute form of Arthritis, to fully switch to visual.
He became a specialist in High Definition and is the inventor and Patenholder of a HD digital workflow called "Purple Flow".
Next to giving lectures in the High Definition area, he has directed, produced and written several shorts, features and music videos 
as well as national and international commercials.
He is a gifted editor and has workes in all positions in the entertainment field such as directing,
production, editing, director of photography and digital image technician.
He wrote several scripts that got him invited at Disney and the Spanish and French movie industry.
He has recorded 5 albums and written several books , he also paints. 
John has two children who claim he's a great dad, he is a good cook and lives by his own motto:
"Prowler by day, lover by night!"